These Leaked Images Could Be a First Look at the iPhone 8 And Its Sweet Wall-to-Wall Screen

We're geeking out already.
iPhone Promo

Two weeks ago, a massive list of 15 iPhone 8 specifications leaked and sent fans of the Apple smartphone into a geeky frenzy. Now, we may have our first glimpse at what its exterior will look like. Mashable has further details: 

The images reveal a front-facing glass panel indicating an edge-to-edge display, a glass back panel with a cutout for the vertically-aligned dual cameras, and a part for the rear cameras with integrated LED flash and microphone.

iPhone 8

The second image in the album shows the purported iPhone 8 panel (the two parts farthest to the right) next to what could be the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus rear panels on the left.

iPhone 8 (2)

The photos, originally posted to Imgur and then shared on Reddit, include a caption that offers some amount of credence. 

"I have a friend in the industry who just sent me these. He said the Chinese manufacturers got these last week." Big surprise for the iPhone 7s/7s Plus—supposedly it's getting wireless charging as well!"

While these rumors are fun, it's important to remain speculative of any information that doesn't come directly from Apple. Anything concrete probably won't be revealed for at least a few months as the iPhone 8 release could be delayed until 2018.