iPhone X Plus and iPhone 9 Leak Might Be the First Credible Rumors about New iPhones

Are they everything you hoped for?

iPhone X Promo
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Reports of futuristic curved screens show us what iPhones might look like in a few years, but what about Apple’s next generation of smartphones? 

A newly-leaked video from Israeli tech journalist Shai Mizrachi published by 9to5Mac allegedly shows dummy models of a 6.1-inch “iPhone 9” and a 6.5-inch “iPhone X Plus” being compared to an iPhone X and and iPhone 7 Plus. 

Both are contained in cases supposedly made by accessory manufacturer Skech, which, if true, indicates that Apple has already begun collaborating with designers. 

Aside from revealing the devices’ dimensions, the buzzed-about video has also sparked speculation regarding their photographic capabilities. 

The dummies shown in the video appear to match up with authentic schematics of a second-gen “iPhone X” and ‘iPhone X Plus” obtained by Forbes last month.  

Per Forbes, 

Huawei beat Apple to market with this technology in the excellent P20 Pro, the iPhone X Plus will be the handset to bring it to the masses.

Apple’s triple lens setup is currently unknown, but it would make sense to copy Huawei’s approach of a monochrome camera aiding the primary and telephoto modules. 

This produced class-leading low light photography. Low light is also an area where Apple has struggled against rivals (one in particular) over recent years. 

Interestingly, I understand the second generation iPhone X will stick to two cameras so – once again – Apple will save its flagship photography for the largest (and most expensive) model. 

Of course, nothing can be known for certain until Apple makes an official announcement, probably at their much-anticipated conference in September. 

Until then, expect the iPhone rumor mill to keep on churning. 

h/t: Inverse