These ‘Iron Man’ Kettlebells Will Kick Your Ass in the Gym, Superhero Style

As if kettlebells didn’t look badass enough already.

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Hi Consumption/Onnit

If you’ve ever wanted to emulate a badass Marvel superhero while sweating it out in the gym, then listen up. 

In collaboration with Marvel, health and fitness outlet Onnit has forged kettlebells in the shape of Iron Man’s helmet. Weighing in at 40 pounds, these chip-resistant weights were designed with functionality first. Used properly, they’ll help you build strength, stamina and mobility as you swing them through a rigorous circuit.

Not an Iron Man fan? Don’t worry, because Onnit also has these awesome Captain America shield barbell plates, available in 25, 35 or 45 pound weights. 


The Marvel Hero Elite Iron Man kettlebell will run you $120, and the full set of Captain America plates retail on Onnit’s website for $712. Check them out here. 

If you need to be further persuaded, allow decorated kick boxer, jiu-jitsu black belt and and Onnit partner Joe Rogan give you an over-the-top inspirational speech. 

h/t: Hi Consumption