Italy’s Most Refined Boatmaker Goes Big

Riva yacht’s new 122-foot beauty looks like the future.

The Riva 122′ Mythos is not only the biggest boat ever built by Italy’s best-known brand, but the first constructed from light aluminum alloy. Regal in silver, the first superyacht in the series is a stunner. The profile is sleek and the interiors kitted out with Canaletto walnut, high-end leather, and chromium-plated steel. This boat looks like the future. 

Designed by Mauro Micheli in collaboration with Advanced Yacht Technology & Design, as well as the Ferretti Group’s excellent research, style and product development center and the Interior Design and Technical Department of C&N, the 122’ Mythos draws notable inspiration from another superyacht of the Riva coupe yacht range, the 86’ Domino. What differentiates the new boat is its size and power. Stacked with two MTU 12 V 4000 M 93L, 3510 mhp engines, the Mythos has a maximum speed of 28.5 knots and a cruising speed of 26 knots.

MAXIM caught up with Stefano de Vivo of the Ferretti Group to ask why a brand best known for it’s refined open speedster made the decision to go big and what comes next.

The Riva 122′ Mythos is the largest vessel your brand has ever produced. What prompted the decision to launch this line?

We announced Riva 122’ Mythos as a project in November 2012. 2012 was a historical year for the brand that celebrated the 170th anniversary since its foundation in 1842.

It has been conceived for owners who really feel in love with the brand: owners who love Riva’s unique style and unmistakable features, such as clean lines, a painstaking care for details and the use of traditional and yet “evergreen” materials like steel, wood and leather.

What makes this model unique?

In the design of the new Riva flagship, maximum attention was given to environmental impact reduction. A daily supervision of every single element installed on board let the shipyard “save” weight: 122’ Mythos Gross Tonnage is 262 GT. Over 35 tons of aluminum were used for the boat’s hull and superstructure, and about 100,000 man hours have been required to build it. Fifty people have worked for 18 months.

122’ Mythos was certified by RINA (the Italian Naval Registry) as a “Green Plus” Yacht, thanks to the following construction solutions adopted: energy saving LED lighting, particular focus on waste handling procedure through solid waste source-sourcing and discharge of sewage in compliance with an environmental protection plan, and high-tech engines with low particulate matter and NOx emissions.

How important was customization to the owner when building 122′ Mythos and to the brand in general?

The aim that guided this new flagship has always been to create a “serial” maxi-yacht. Nevertheless, on the first unit, the very practical three-cabin layout was further enhanced by the owner’s decision to have an extremely spacious master stateroom and two other great VIP cabins, all amidships. The shipyard version has four guest cabins – one master and three VIP cabins. Of course, we want to match every owner’s wishes, so an additional optional layout with five cabins is also available.

What was the inspiration for the boat’s design?

Riva 86’ Domino is definitely one of the most famous Riva’s bestsellers, a symbol of the brand coupé line, with a unique, timeless flair and an extremely slender, sporty design. The owner of the first 122’ Mythos unit is actually really passionate about the Riva coupé line, as he previously owned a 86’ Domino.

What can we expect from Riva in the future? A further expansion into even bigger yachts?

We are already thinking about this exciting challenge. Riva is exploring every opportunity in order to enlarge its actual range to bigger new projects, further developing the great expertise gathered on 122′ Mythos with brand new aluminum and alloy steel hulls.

Photos by Facebook – Riva Yacht