This Walkman-Inspired, Bluetooth-Enabled Cassette Deck Will Take You Back to the 1980s

Time to dig out those Van Halen tapes.
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It's OK Bluetooth Casette Player Promo

Portable music has been around for decades, and one company is taking us back to where it all started with a Walkman-inspired tape deck. 

Its OK Cassette Player (2)

The It's OK Cassette Player by Hong Kong's NINM Lab is a refreshingly simple device with just five buttons: "Play," "Stop," "Record," "Fast-Forward," and "Rewind." 

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There's a rear-mounted clip to carry it on your belt, a 3.5mm jack for headphones, and a microphone for dictation. No touch screen, no internal hard drive, no WiFi connectivity—just insert two AA batteries, throw in a tape and jam. 

Its OK Cassette Player (1)

The only "modern" piece of technology is a 5.0 Bluetooth radio that can be used to connect wireless headphones or speakers, which technically makes this the world's first Bluetooth-enabled cassette player. 

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Nearly 1,000 people combined have already pledged over $80,000 on Kickstarter to get the retro gadget off the ground and into production before the first models are shipped in December. 

If vinyl can make a comeback, why can't tapes?   

Available in “Sakura” pink, “Cloud” white, and “Evening” navy blue, the It's OK Cassette Player is available to preorder for $87.72 (HK$688) here.