This Booming Bluetooth Speaker Is Made From a Formula 1 Race Car Exhaust

Start your engines with this 340-watt room shaker.

XiLO offers wireless connectivity and surround sound

After a high-flying aeronautical departure, the racing-minded Italian audio wizards at iXoost have masterfully crafted the more grounded XiLO, a Formula One-inspired wireless audio system made from handcrafted tubes that pump out 5.1 channels of pure awesome.

monocoque wood and aluminum chassis supports its signature exhaust pipes, shaped and welded by hand. These curvy, sexy cylinders terminate in a central tweeter, two central midrange and two side mid bass speakers. Together with a down-firing subwoofer, they blast a peppy 340 watts of room-shaking power.

Aux inputs for mobile device, TV, CD and DVD
Aux inputs for mobile device, TV, CD and DVD

In addition to accepting a line in—enabling CD, DVD, turntables and all other manner of players to pump their audio through—the well-connected XiLO’s also Bluetooth friendly. So you can play DJ from across the room and (with their audio suite app) upload playlists and customize the equalization to your liking.

It looks damn good pretty much anywhere
It looks damn good pretty much anywhere

For starting around $5,700, you can go for an oak or mahogany base and silver or red accents, whichever revs your engine. Or for about $1,000 more, why not go for their totally tricked-out, limited edition Scuderia model? It boasts a black anodized color, chrome stainless steel exhaust and carbon fiber subwoofer. Totally worth it.

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