Jason Lee on his Chopper

The motorbike-loving star shows us his wheels – both of them.

So how long have your skateboards been feeling neglected?

I was always dirt-bike riding when I was a kid in the ’70s, and it was just when I got a little bit older that I took a liking to the British bikes—Triumphs and whatnot. I bought my first bike when I was in my early 20s, a 1965 Honda 305.

As a collector, have you held on to that old Honda?

No, I just spin ’em out and then collect a couple more. I actually traded that 305 for an oil painting from a friend. I was getting another one anyway, a ’67 BSA Victor, so he could ride with me.

Which bike are you riding today?

It’s my old chopper. It has a 1950 Harley Panhead frame with a ’72 Shovelhead engine. It’s still the newest vintage bike I’ve owned. I had it shipped out to New Orleans, where we’re filming Memphis Beat, and I ride it to the set as often as I can. People get a kick out of it on the freeway, especially here, because of the Easy Rider connection.

Don’t the producers consider you a liability cruising around on the bike?

Well, nobody’s said anything so far, and by the time they read this the season will be shot! I haven’t had any accidents; I’ve just run out of gas. One time I broke down on a ’65 Triumph on my way to Arizona, and a friend had to tow me uphill. Now I’ll fill up Gatorade bottles with gas and bungee-cord them to the bike, renegade-nomad style.

Sounds like you’re an old-school guy.

I just like old stuff. I still shoot film and listen to records. I even use a typewriter. I feel like it keeps me grounded.