JBL Drops Headphones Collab With DJ Armin van Buuren

Whether listening at home or spinning tunes for a crowd, these powerful wireless headphones can do it all.


Dutch DJ and producer Armin van Buuren needed headphones that could handle all his needs—in-studio listening, DJing for a big audience, you name it. 

Naturally, he went to JBL and they got together to engineer the new Club One series of headphones. Learn more about van Buuren’s involvement in the process in the video below.

The new premium Club series is designed for every need, from stage use enhanced by JBL Pro Sound to comfortable design perfectly suited for travel. Flying internationally, crossing time zones around the world? These headphones can help you travel in peace for nearly two days before needing a recharge.

JBL’s Club One headphones come with True Adaptive Noise Cancellation. This means near-constant monitoring of external sound (50,000 times a second) so they keep adjusting the level of noise cancellation as needed for whatever environment you’re in.

The same technology doesn’t just aid the wearer but also prevents ambient sound leaking from within should the fit be altered by movement, hairstyles, or eyewear.


There are three headphones in the Club series—the 700BT, Club 950NC, and Club One. All come with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice services and also have Ambient Aware and Talk Thru technologies. These let listeners reduce the volume to tune into the noise around them—if needed—or to talk with others without ever having to take them off.

JBL offers a “My JBL Headphones” app as well, which lets users tweak sound preferences to their liking, and the app also has DJ-approved premade sonic profiles.

Club series headphones are available now. The 700BT retails for $149.95, the 950NC for $249.95, and the Club One for $349.95. Learn more and get yours at JBL.com.