Jesse James Has Reinvented Himself As a Luxury Gunsmith, and Hot Damn These Pistols Are Gorgeous

The bad boy reality star's custom-made .45s are straight-up beautiful.
Jesse James Guns

Any gunsmith will tell you his trade is as much an art form as it is a job, but Jesse James (yes, that Jesse James) is taking that "art" part extremely seriously. He's now crafting a dazzling array of beautifully bespoke firearms for his Jesse James Firearms Unlimited. 

Specializing in making extraordinarily-crafted editions of the legendary 1911 .45 caliber pistol, the former Monster Garage star launched his Texas-based company in 2013. Since then, he's received commissions to create killer custom pistols for everyone from Angelina Jolie to U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry. 

One of his latest designs, the "Lady Liberty" Full Damascus, contains an actual piece of the Statue of Liberty, which James said he obtained from a friend who worked on the ultimate American monument's restoration project. Three were made, but two have already been sold for a whopping $85,000. 

If you can't handle that hefty price, there are plenty of other gorgeous guns to fawn over.

Take a look at some of Jesse James's most awe-inspiring .45s: 

1. "Lady Liberty" Full Damascus

2. Grand Master 

3. Grand Master X 

4. "Archangel Michael" Cisco Especial 

5. "Pee Wee" 

6. Cisco Triple Black

7. "We the People" Lobo Commander 

8. Cisco Especial 

9. Damascus Serial Number One 

10.  Lobo Commander

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