These Custom NERF Blasters Look Like Modern Assault Rifles

Wage office warfare with these custom-made dart guns.

JLCustoms Nerf Promo

It’s illegal for a civilian to own or purchase an automatic weapon in the United States. But you can definitely get a Nerf blaster that looks like an automatic weapon thanks to JL Customs Creations.

The Singapore-based seller transforms the cheap toy dart guns into John Wick-worthy shooters modeled after some of the world’s most famous modern assault rifles and SMGs, including the CZ Scorpion, FN SCAR, and AR-style M4 carbine.

The modifications are so accurate that it’s hard to tell them apart from the real thing without looking at the orange tip that caps each barrel.

In addition to those military-style guns, the company also makes a model in the style of a repeating Winchester rifle, as well as a few fantastical creations like the “Lawbringer” launcher and “Hammer Blaster” pistol.


The Nerf toys get more than just a makeover. Hi Consumption reports that each are fitted with upgraded power sources and motors that massively improve performance. 


If you can think of a better way to wage some office warfare, we’re all ears. Head to Etsy to browse through JL Customs Creations current inventory, which ranges in price from $150-$365.