This Phone Battery Jumps Your Car… and Runs All Your Electronics

Never be without juice again.

Sure, we’ve shown you cool portable batteries in the past. But never something as versatile as this guy. Of course, it can juice up your multiple phone, tablet and other sundry gadgets through USB ports. And yes, it can even jumpstart most cars (when connected to its included alligator clips). Fine, it also has a bright flashlight. But best of all, the Juno Jumper Pro comes with a docking station (as pictured below) that turns it into a mobile power outlet.

Think about that for a moment. Power to plug in anywhere. No, not your laptop, you sad, sad workaholic, think blenders…speakers…TVs! Their Kickstarter page has details about how long you can run various electronics off it. But seriously, just imagine how clutch this would be camping, tailgating, on a boat, on a plane—pretty much anywhere.

Although they already quickly reached their Kickstarter funding goal and the first couple early birds are already gone, you can still snag one of these power-packed units for $169. Hey, thirty bucks off is still a nice little chuck o’ change.

Photos by Juno Power