KEF’s $225K Muon Is the Ultimate Bachelor Pad Loudspeaker

This is a sleek and curvy audio godsend.

The sleek

With shiny super-formed aluminum tightly hugging sexy curves that’d make even Ashley Graham jealous, KEF believes they’ve crafted the “world’s most extraordinary audio speaker ever conceived and produced” in their flagship Muon loudspeaker.

Credit high-end designer Ross Lovegrove with creating its distinctively sleek and seductive form factor. But this gorgeous contemporary sculpture is more than a pretty face. It packs world-class audio chops as well.

Dynamic, precise and sculptural (Photo: KEF)
Dynamic, precise and sculptural (Photo: KEF)

At nearly 6 1/2 feet tall, Muon’s four-way speaker system serves up a suprahuman frequency range of ear candy with ample volume and minimal distortion. Though we haven’t yet heard the units in person, we have to imagine their Uni-Q drive unit array and Acoustic Compliance Enhancement technology combine to help produce nothing short of sonic bliss.

Adding to its uber chic mystique, only 100 sets of Muon will be produced. These ultra luxurious audio components are available through authorized dealers and on the KEFdirect website for $225,000 per pair. That price includes U.S. shipping and the white glove installation and calibration service you’d expect.

Way smoother and pricier than even Bang & Olufsen’s disruptively angular BeoLab 90 speakers, the Muon is sure to add a sense of otherworldly technological prowess to any home set-up.