This Magnetic Light Switch Key Holder Is Pure Genius

Perfect for that friend who always loses their keys.
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KeySmart KeyCatch magnetic key holder

KeyCatch screw-in magnetic key holder. (Photo: KeySmart)

Magnets rock. Sure, they're used in fancy wireless chargers and floating Bluetooth speakers. but today we're floating a powerfully simple concept your way: Just replace the bottom screw of any light switch with KeySmart's KeyCatch and you've got a great place to hang your keyring.

Since it holds up to three pounds, you could also conveniently dangle, say, a pocket flashlight, small chihuahua or maybe even your lady's janitor-sized cluster of keys and whatnot.

The price of this attracting accessory? $10 for two and $20 for six. Hey, three times as many for only double the money sounds like a good deal to us. Either way, it's a mere pittance to ensure your keys are well-hung — and that you never lose them again.

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