This Amazing, Space-Saving Sauna Automatically Retracts in Seconds

Sweat out all your sins.
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A fully functioning 5-foot deep sauna

A fully functioning 5-foot deep sauna (Photo: KLAFS)

Sure, you'd like to have a sauna in your home. Who wouldn't wanna melt away the day's tensions with some cleansing dry heat? But you might've held back for fear of it taking up too much room.  Well hold back no longer and get your favorite robe ready, because the KLAFS Sauna S1 is the perfect solution.

When you're ready to hop in, it fully expands with precision in just 21 seconds—smartly halting if it senses something in the way. And when you're done therapeutically schvitzing, just press a button and it retracts from five feet deep to just under two, about the size of a closet or bookcase.

Slims down to 2 feet in just 21 seconds

Slims down to 2 feet in just 21 seconds (Photo: KLAFS)

A pull-out folding bench offers comfy reclining for two. Of course, you can trick it out with fancy colored lights and an integrated audio system. And you can control the action with an app on your phone or tablet.

This light but sturdy sauna comes in three different sizes (roughly 5 1/2, 6 1/2 and 7 1/2 feet wide) and five different exterior trims (a few wooden shades and two in white) for the front paneling.

So you have a few choices to make. But you're sooo getting one.

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