Dominate The Grill With the World’s Biggest BBQ Lighter

Just the thing to spark up at your Labor Day barbecue.

Youtube makers Peter Sripol and Sam Foskuhl weren’t satisfied with off-the-shelf BBQ lighters so they decided to go all in, grab a flamethrower, and make their own.

They created an absolute monster. 

Giant BBQ Later
Youtube Screengrab

This thing wouldn’t fit in your pocket unless you were 50 feet tall, and it’s just not small and delicate enough to handle even a simple job like lighting a grill.

No one wielding this lighter would need the grill anyway, it could just cook everything in one big sweep. 

Sripol and Foskuhl created this beast by combining a weed torch (for actual weeds, not the other kind of weed), an electric ignition, a blowtorch, and a housing designed to look exactly like the handheld version. Then they had all the fun seen in the video above, setting off fireworks, melting a grill, and nearly causing a neighborhood grass fire. 

Turns out lighter-zillas aren’t even a new thing. Back in March, Youtube channel Brainfoo.TV featured the video above, in which the host used a microwave oven-sized cigarette lighter to destroy several things. He also safely lit a cigarette, which is impressive. 

Obviously, these aren’t commercially available (though you can always try to score of one Elon Musk’s flamethrowers). You’d have to put in the extra work like these guys to make your own.

Let’s admit it, though: If you could grab one off the shelf and use it to kick the family picnic into high gear, you’d do it in a heartbeat.