The Lamp That Begs to Be Seen

The most innovative lamp on the market will make all your houseguests (and your other lamps) jealous.

If you had an Ikea lamp in your first post-college apartment, it’s probably looks just fine. You know what isn’t looking so good? Your apartment. If you need an eye-catching, non-modular bit of decor, it’s time to turn to Crealev, a Dutch company specializing in “levitation technology.” This incredible light, dubbed the Silhouette Floating Lamp, uses meticulously placed electromagnets to keep the top half of the shade completely suspended above the lower half. The effect is striking – even sober dinner party guests are guaranteed to swoon drunkenly when they first lay eyes on it. Stylish fabrics and a handcrafted wooden base complete the elegant look, along with hidden mirrors to evenly and effectively reflect the light. It also uses the latest in LED technology, so it doesn’t use any more or less energy than the other lamps in your house – though it will make them feel woefully inadequate. [$1975;]