This Laser Projector Bike Light Could Save Your Life

A bike with frickin’ lasers attached to its head.

While reflective clothing and other bike lights can help pedestrians and motorists to better spot you in the dark (if they look in your direction), the new Blaze Laserlight ($200, including shipping) helps them see from multiple angles that you’re on your way. It projects a luminous green bicycle symbol 20 feet ahead of you on the road, making you visible even beyond your bike’s footprint. Although it may sound a little gimmicky, as six London power riders attest, it can actually save you getting into a serious scrape:

Besides, this isn’t just a laser projector. It’s a blaring 300-lumen bike light as well. The laser and light work independently, so you can have either or both on, off or flashing.

Consider it the best of both worlds, because in both scenarios, you don’t get crushed by an oncoming car. You’re welcome.

Photos by Blaze Components