The Latest Garmin Virb Action Cameras Take the Fight to GoPro

They’re sharp enough to record hi-res footage and smart enough to track every metric of your stunts. 

A rugged body and the ability to shoot in HD is not enough. For an action camera to compete with the mighty GoPro, it’s going to need to pack some serious firepower. In addition to being able to shoot wide-angle footage at 1080p at a rate of 30fps and 60fps respectively, the new Garmin Virb X and Virb XE are equipped with built-in sensors that nab such stats as speed, location, and air time. The cameras sync with Garmin’s family of sold-separately heart rate sensors and sports watches to provide adrenaline chasers with a more in-depth study of their stunts (and some brag-worthy Facebook posts). In addition,  the boxy cameras don’t need any extra casing to be made waterproof, as they’re sealed to survive depths of 50 meters (roughly 164 feet). With those brains and that body, they might just stand a chance. From $399;