The Leatherman Charge+ Multitool Gets Damascus Steel Limited Editions

These 19-tool beauties come with walnut or carbon fiber handles, and are ready for practically anything.


Leatherman‘s Charge+ multitool is getting an elegant upgrade courtesy of two special editions tricked-out in premium materials. The Portland-based toolmaker teamed with the Damascus steel wizards at Vegas Forge to create a striking pair of collectible multitools: one with walnut wood handles and gold PVD accents, the other with carbon fiber handles and blue PVD coating.


Damascus steel, a centuries-old forging method first employed by blacksmiths making swords in ancient India and the Middle East, is renowned for its wavy light and dark patterns, superior strength and distinctive beauty. The intricate forging process involves nine painstaking steps, ranging from cutting the steel into correct sizes to carefully layering the metal, none of which can be done quickly. The detailed patterns on each tiny Charge+ blade alone took the craftsmen at Vegas Forge up to eleven hours to make by hand. 


The Charge+ special editions, limited to just 300 examples each, houses 19 tools in its compact package. It’s 4 inches long when closed, weighs just under 8 ounces and has a 2.9-inch-long Damascus steel blade. It also boasts a Damascus serrated knife, needlenose pliers, regular pliers, saw, spring-action scissors, wire cutters, hard-wire cutters, wire stripper, cutting hook, ruler, can opener, bottle opener, diamond-coated file, wood/metal file, large bit driver, small bit driver and an electrical crimper. 

The new Charge+ retails for $299.95, comes with an Ainsworth Sheath and has a 25-year warranty. Both models are available exclusively on