Leatherman Just Released Its First Watch Ever, and It’s Like a Damn Toolbox for Your Wrist

This might be the only watch that doubles as a freakin’ wrench.


(Photo: Leatherman)

Watches have so many advanced capabilities these days—tracking footsteps, counting calories burned and syncing up with your iPhone, for instance—it’s about time one came with more elemental add-ons.

So praise be to Leatherman, the multi-tool company, which just debuted the Tempo Tread Watch, its first-ever functional timepiece.

It’s a genuine ticking timepiece, with a quartz movements and sapphire crystal case. What’s more, its strap is like that of a Leatherman Tread—a wearable (i.e., bracelet) with interchangeable links that double as portable screwdrivers, SIM card picks, and hex wrenches.

See one in action in the video above. 

The Tempo Tread Watch is water-resistant down to 650 feet and, rest assured, TSA-proofed to boot. It’s set to hit stores in November for $575.

If you want to save a buck or if time is irrelevant to you (good for you), you can pick up just the Tread for $165, but springing for the full-on tool watch seems like a better overall look, if you ask us.

(Photo: Leatherman)

h/t InsideHook