The Leatherman Tread Is a Multi-Tool for Your Wrist

Containing twenty-five tools within its links, this bracelet is wearable tech done right.

Tough luck, Apple: the Leatherman Tread is the first truly great wearable. A multi-tool meant for your wrist, the stainless steel, chain-like bracelet that has twenty-five tools, from Phillips heads and hex wrenches to cutting hooks and glass breakers, built into its interlocking links. There’s even a bottle opener fitted into the clasp. The Tread’s design is impressive: Three instruments sit nearly unnoticeable within each link; when the need to tighten or shatter arises, you simply slide the bracelet off and fold back the band, gripping the remaining area for leverage. The Tread is corrosion resistant and intentionally covert (Leatherman CEO Dan Rivera came up with the idea after he was denied entry at Disney World for refusing to hand over his multi-tool), meaning airport security likely won’t bust out the wand if you send it through the scanner. Either way, it appears to be far less obtrusive than the standard set of foldable pliers and should make for a worthy daily wear for the always-prepared. The Tread is available this summer and will also be offered as the band of a forthcoming Swiss-made watch if wearing a plain metal cuff isn’t your style. [$150-$200;]