Lego Debuts 1,000-Piece Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Model Set

This high-octane toy gives new meaning to the word "minibike."
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Lego Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Promo

The newest addition to the ever-growing family of high-octane Lego man toys is a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy.

And unlike the insane 3,599-piece Bugatti Chiron, this one won't take forever to build—though you'll definitely need some patience to put all 1,023 parts together. 

Lego Harley-Davidson Fat Boy (3)

Completed, the Lego Creator Expert model stands 7 inches high and wide, 12 inches long. Spinning the rear wheel "fires" the miniature Milwaukee Eight engine's pistons through the dual-exhaust. 

Lego Harley-Davidson Fat Boy (4)

The handle bars, gear shifters, brake and kickstand can also all be engaged, while other thoughtful features like the teardrop fuel tank, integrated speedometer and solid-disc wheels add a lifelike feel to the little hog. 

Lego Harley-Davidson Fat Boy (2)

To celebrate its launch, Lego Master Builders made a to-scale model of the Fat Boy out of 69,569 pieces complete with engine sounds and light effects. 

Lego Harley Davidson Life-Size Model

The Lego Creator Expert Harley-Davidson Fat Boy will be available online for $100 beginning August 1. 

Lego Harley-Davidson Fat Boy (1)

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