Let’s Get Wet: 5 Cameras For Underwater Photography

Top tech for underwater photography, plus tips from the master of the genre.

The Point & Shoot

Canon PowerShot D30

No other camera this cheap goes this deep (82 feet) without a waterproof case. It can also withstand a drop from 6.5 feet. We love the 28 mm wide-angle-to-5x-zoom range, the macro focusing, the mode that corrects for blue light underwater, and the new Sunlight LCD mode that reduces glare. $330

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The Videocam

GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition

You already have a GoPro? You don’t have this GoPro, which: (1) Has a 33 percent sharper lens mated to low-light detection. (2) Lets you shoot up to 4k resolution—just like Shark Week’s Casagrande (see sidebar). (3) Fires 240 fps slow-mo that makes silly stunts look Bruce Lee–badass. $400

The Interchangeable-Lens Camera

Nikon 1 AW 1

Waterproof to 49 feet, this is like a budget version of the Nauticam-case-protected DSLR (at right). “Real” camera chops include 1080p video at 60 fps, a screaming 1/16,000-second shutter, RAW mode, and continuous tracking while you move in for the toothy close-up. $800


Nauticam NA-70D Housing

If you’re aiming for pro-level photography, you need a no-compromises case. The NA-70D (for Canon’s $1,100 70D) costs three times more than the camera, but bonus features include dual grips; a magnified, tiltable viewfinder; and a sensor system that alerts you if the housing springs a leak. $3,330

The Sea Scooter


Need to fight a killer current to get a shot? Put this prop-powered vehicle between your legs (seriously) and you’ll be able to cruise underwater with your hands free to operate your gear. (You’ll still need to use your arms to steer.) Its battery provides 80 minutes of power, and a tow arm allows you to bring pals deep, too. $2,895

Photos by Jana Morgan