The Lexus Hoverboard Has Finally Landed

But you can’t have one…yet.

Your dreams of becoming Marty McFly are one step closer to being realized. Sort of. While you may never get to experience time travel, Lexus is offering up a different futuristic mode of transportation: their long-awaited hoverboard. Unveiled just yesterday, they call it Slide, and its name is as sleek as its ride. 

Fueled by liquid nitrogen and maglev technology, the downsides of this seemingly-miraculous piece of equipment are as follows: you need to refill it with said nitrogen every 10 minutes, it can only be operated on a magnetic track, and it’s not yet available for purchase. In fact, they’d be so pricey to produce, it’s unclear if they’ll ever reach the market.

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But damn if it isn’t still glorious. Tested by pro skateboarder Ross McGouran, it’s clear from the few spills he takes at first that it takes some adjusting to properly harness its power. The polished wood finish and streamline design make it an enviable piece of tech, despite the current limitations.

We’re coming for you, Marty.