LG’s $2,000 Clothing Appliance Is the At-Home Dry Cleaner You Never Knew You Always Needed

Dry cleaners everywhere are cautiously pessimistic about it.

LG Styler clothing care system

#CES2016 is delivering no shortage of innovations we’ll be lusting after for the next 12 months, not least of which is perhaps an answer to every time you’ve had a suit locked in the dry cleaners overnight because they close their shop at 6pm and who the hell can get home from the office that early anyway and don’t they know people work?

Cliche as it may be, the clothing does make the man—which is why wrinkled, smelly clothing makes the man a slob. Fortunately, LG’s tall, dark and shiny Styler (about $2,000) is here to help.

The special jacket and shirt hanger gently oscillates almost four times a second. Trousers are pressed and stretched. And as clean steam permeates all, wrinkles fade. So you’re smooth and creased again in all the right places. In the process, your threads are sanitized and deodorized. Depending on what you and your outfit have been through, you’ll want to choose either a quick or more thorough cycle.

Given the price tag, no, it’s not for everyone. At least not to just pop into your home like a toaster. But it’s the kind of thing you might expect to see in nicer sports clubs and luxury airport lounges. So consider this a friendly introduction to the future of your freshness.