This Bluetooth-Enabled Lightbulb Can Turn Any Room Into a Dance Floor

Speaker and colored lights included

Multitasking is efficient, even though its legitimacy isup for debate. But in our experience (see one hand on beer, another on the remote), it’s wildly effective. So when we heard that a little lightbulb was hoping to pull double duty once screwed into a socket, our ears perked up

It’s a pretty simple idea: plug in light bulb, instantly have a bluetooth speaker. Sure, we had that same “wut?” look on our faces when we first heard of the idea, but think about the applications. Having a few friends over and need some background noise? Turn on a light! Any light! What about working at your desk during work? Now you’ve got a perfect little streaming device. The best part for having friends over?  You can make the bulb change color, turning your foyer into a pseudo-rave party.

Now we’ve heard the quality isn’t amazing and sadly, no, there isn’t a tiny amp to make it all better. But when you’re using it just for a bit of ambient noise to get you through the day, who needs studio quality sound?

If the color changing aspect is the only thing you’re into, grab the PLAYBULB rainbow for $39.99 or pick up the full bulb with color and speaker for $79.99.