Light Up Without Breaking a Sweat Using This Flameless Lighter

The sleekest and easiest way to start a fire without risk of injury.

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This Carteret Flameless USB Lighter offers the latest in flameless, gasless fire. Featuring a matte black metal casing, it lights up right away, allowing you to avoid the incessant clicking required to kindle a flame on your cheaper, run-in-the-mill lighter.

Using a super-hot, windproof coil, the lighter starts without any flame, making it wind-resistant. No more cupping your hands and clicking—just light up and go. Plus, this gadget is safer than your regular lighter due to its fifteen second auto-shutoff function. It has a slide-out USB charger so you never run out of battery power, and with one charge you’ll get fifty full uses of it. Best of all? It’s TSA flight-approved, so you can light up anywhere, anytime.

The LED charging indicator light lets you know when this lighter is ready to fire up. It’s super lightweight and available in brushed metal black or aluminum. Both colors look as slick as the technology truly is. At 40% off each, what are you waiting for? Don’t let this opportunity flame out.