The Lighter That Helps You Quit

The Quitbit smart lighter keeps track of your habit.

When success at quitting smoking is measured in packs per day, motivation can be the first thing to burn down. But by essentially gamifying cessation, the Quitbit smart lighter provides real-time positive reinforcement of even minor achievements, placing emphasis on every cigarette and allowing smokers to quit one drag at a time.

The rechargeable, flamelessQuitbit uses a heating coil, like a car’s cigarette lighter, and features an OLED display that shows how many times you light it throughout the day. But the real benefits come from Quitbit’s interoperability with mobile devices, which reveal detailed information like personal smoking patterns and money saved. Goals are customized and tracked, and can even be set to limit when and how frequently the lighter can be used. Plus, for whatever reason, it’s TSA approved. [$149 ($99 during current pre-sale);]