Logitech’s K480 Keyboard Questions the Laptop’s Premise

No more pecking.

Tablets and phones are finally smart enough to serve as full-fledged laptop replacements. For most tasks, at least. The thing is? Pecking away on glass screens is still a bummer, especially when you really need to get to work. The Logitech K480 pairs with multiple devices, letting you type out everything from texts to presentations with speed and precision. After pairing it with your phone, tablet, and computer (every platform except Windows Phone works), turn the K480’s knob on the upper left corner between 1, 2, and 3 to type on the respective device. Its Bluetooth connects almost instantly, so going from a long-form email on your work Windows tablet to an iMessage reply happens as soon as you turn the dial, and typing rarely feels cramped. There’s even a trough at the top of the keyboard that is deep enough to hold a phone and tablet at attention in case you want to get into full laptop mode. It’s a powerful solution that’s found a permanent spot in our briefcase. [$50; logitech.com]