This Futuristic Gladiator Suit Will Help You Dominate Any Battle

This is like something straight out of Halo. 

Who among us hasn’t wanted their own set of battle armor at the ready, just in case shit hits the fan? Thanks to a group of weapons enthusiasts, you can now become a real-life superhero with this insane high-tech battlesuit.

Developed by Australia’s Unified Weapons Master — a “revolutionary, new combat sport and entertainment experience” which “combines cutting-edge technology with traditional martial arts weapons to allow real, weapons-based combat” — the Lorica offers up the most futuristic body armor we’ve ever seen. Composed of carbon-fiber, polycarbonate material, and elastomeric foam, this full-body suit can take an absolute beating from axes, swords and other hand-held weapons. Watch it in action in this UWM-produced video from August:

Of course, the Lorica isn’t actually meant for street fighting — it’s more of a special suit for martial arts enthusiasts to get the most out of the combat experience without losing a limb or their life. “While it could be your new superhero suit, it’s actually made with competition in mind,” explain the folks at HiConsumption. “With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built-in, a point-of-view camera, microphone, and 52 pressure sensors that send data to an external computer program, the Lorica suit is aimed at martial artists who wants to go at each other full-throttle, see how they score, and walk away in decent shape.”

While there’s no word on price yet, UWM just concluded an IndieGogo campaign last week with the suits expected to ship by February 2016. You may have to wait a bit to snag your own suit of armor, but it’ll be worth it. 

Photos by Unified Weapons Master