Why Replacing A Lost Apple AirPod Won’t Be Cheap

What are the chances that you’ll lose one of these odd-looking earbuds?

Apple's wireless stereo AirPods (Photo: Apple)

Here’s the good news: after an uncharacteristically long delay in being made available, Apple’s wireless AirPods are finally on sale. For any Apple fan who ever spent what seemed like hours of time unraveling their old earbuds after stuffing them in a pocket, that’s great. Of course there’s a catch. 

If you lose this eminently loseable small tech item, it will be relatively expensive to replace it. A new pair of AirPods already costs what may feel like a somewhat steep $159. 


That’s for a non-Bluetooth wireless experience—but also for a pair of buds that look a bit like a pair of ugly earrings at first glance. 

But still, it’s Apple, right? Of course. That’s why the iPhone servicing plan states losing one of these trinket-like bits of gear will cost a cool $69. 

The AirPods are designed to function independently, however, so you may just want to stick with one and not worry about it. Or — ironically — buy an AirPods strap to ensure they stay on your person. 

There’s also the option of just sucking it up and dealing with the corded version, but what forward-thinking Mac fanatic wants to do that?