Louis Vuitton Debuts Innovative Spin Time Air Quantum Watch

The distinctive Louis V watch costs nearly a grand and tells time via an unusual rotating cube system.

Louis Vuitton

The finest leather goods and fragrances have made Louis Vuitton a household name, but if you haven’t been keeping an eye on the surprising, stunning horology output of the famed fashion house, it’s high time you start (pun intended).

In fact, the new Louis Vuitton Tambour Spin Time Air Quantum would be a remarkable new watch in any right, even beyond the fact that it bears the LV name.

It’s like an intense, distinctive version of a Rubik’s cube blended with the fine trappings of a luxury watch for a one-of-a-kind design that follows on the heels of other Tambour Spin Time watches (first introduced in 2009).

The 3-D dial design made waves for its cube-like system of telling time, which allows two cubes to rotate as one hour transitions to the next, letting you view both the current time (via a contrasting letter and cube color), plus a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it movement.

LED lights highlight the display for another astonishing touch that calls to mind the bioluminescence of the ocean.

Louis Vuitton

The process takes place via unobtrusive gears set to the right angle of the movement within the watch itself, and while you could always opt for a more traditional watch, why not splurge and pick up a distinctive timepiece that continues to break new ground?

In that way, it’s a blend of both precise mechanical and more common electronic watches.

It’s going to cost you, though: The latest Tambour Spin Time Air Quantum will run you $93,000, and might prove rather tricky to track down via Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

For your trouble though, you get as innovative a watch we’ve seen since Louis Vuitton debuted the 3-D cube system of the Spin Time series, complete with your choice of a sporty rubber strap or a more elegant alligator leather strap.

It absolutely doesn’t skimp on style points, either. The remarkable Tambour Spin Time Air Quantum blends striking black-and-yellow accents throughout, another touch that’s unlike any timepiece in your collection of luxury watches.

That hybrid approach, between mechanical and electronic, results in a watch that’s so uncommonly cool, we’re of the mind you need it for yourself — blink and you’ll miss it, though.