Lust Objects: Red Alert!

Get your sweaty mitts on the hottest tech toys of October.


The funky O-shaped design of the Krups Dolce Gusto Circolo single-serve coffee maker should calm you down even before you take your first slurp of joe. If not, throw in a capsule, close your eyes, and count to 30 as the machine uses high pressure (15 bars, coffee geeks) to produce bold flavor and consistent crema. 



Once you’ve installed LG’s Infinai 3D-enabled LX9500 LED TV on your living room wall, find a masseuse who does house calls, because you probably won’t be moving for a month. The culprit? Its NetCast suite of Internet apps, which can deliver an endless stream of Web content, including MLB.TV (subscribers can watch nearly any game live), as well as HD movie streams via Netflix and Vudu and, of course, all the widgets and tickers you could possibly stand. Guess you could watch TV on it, too.

$4,300 (47-inch),


We’d rather get strangled by stereo cables than clamp on most wireless headphones, but the Jaybird Sportsband SB2 is an exception, with its slim throwback design. The cans’ Apt-X Bluetooth enables ’em to receive 16-bit audio from your phone from up to 33 feet away. They’re sweatproof, too, so they won’t get ruined while you run for the bus. $99,


Spending a Friday night assembling the Lego Technic Motorbike 8051 might not be as spiritually fulfilling as a solo ride to Sturgis, and it probably won’t get you laid. But you’ll still feel a great sense of accomplishment while snapping its working drivetrain together from 467 parts. Finished building the sport bike? Reassemble it into a chopper (or save that for Saturday).