The Lynx Smart Grill Has WiFi, Hears What You’re Saying

The Wi-Fi enabled, voice-activated grill is intelligent enough to cook anything you ask of it. 

Doesn’t matter if your firing up some chicken kabobs or $500 worth of Kobe beef  – perfectly grilled fare requires a neurotic level of control to pull off. The Lynx Smart removes all the guesswork. Explain to the Wi-Fi-enabled, voice-activated grill (that’s right)  you’d like to cook a pair of rib-eyes medium rare and, after checking an internal recipe database, it sets itself to optimal temperature, instructs you where to place the steaks for most efficient searing, and sends you smartphone alerts when it’s time to flip. The six burner grill is even shrewd enough to taper temperature when loaded with a variety of foods to ensure every blistered bell pepper and Portobello is ready to eat alongside your sirloin. The most it asks of you is to feed it propane and give it good rub it down with a grill brush every now and again. $7,500;