This 13-Inch Knife/Hatchet Combo from ‘Punisher: War Zone’ Is a Slashing Machine

Now that’s a knife.

Punisher Knife [Hi Consumption]

If you’ve ever wanted to own a blade from your favorite action flick that’s as practical as it is badass, then this gnarly 13-incher from Punisher: War Zone is the knife for you.

Designed by bladesmith Daniel M. Certo, the M4X Punisher from Tops Knives has a beastly 8.5-inch long 1095 steel blade and can be utilized as a knife, hatchet or crowbar. 

Its handle is made from black linen micarta for a lightweight but sturdy grip, and each comes with a black ballistic nylon sheath with MOLLE backing.

If you’re still not sold on its $280 price tag, know that it has been put to the test in the real world. For individual servicemen from U.S. Army Rangers, police officers, and search and rescue team members, it’s the knife of choice.

Now watch it in action.

h/t Hi Consumption