The World’s First Levitating Turntable Makes Floating Tech an Official Trend

It’s truly uplifting stuff.


The first levitating turntable's currently funding on Kickstarter (Photo: MAG-LEV Audio)
The first levitating turntable’s currently funding on Kickstarter (Photo: MAG-LEV Audio)

By definition, ordinary objects that float have a mesmerizing, magical sense about them. Just take floating homes, floating plants and floating beds.

Then there are products that function by floating, such as hovercrafthovering cameras and actual hoverboards. Staying off the ground is how they do the cool stuff they do.

And finally, there are products that find a way to infuse levitation technology to improve how they do their job, beyond the mere novelty of it. It’s with that concept in mind that the team at MAG-LEV Audio are working to bring us the world’s first floating turntable.

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This time, we’re not talking about a minimalist turntable that makes it look like your vinyl’s floating. Move the tonearm of this record player into position, lower the lever and the platter gently rises to actually play your music in midair.

Although they’ve obviously taken great care in designing this system—with details such as a subtly glowing orange light to enhance the visual presentation and a feature that stores enough juice to release the tone arm and gently set the record platter down on its feet in case of power outage—it’ll be interesting to see (and hear) how well they’re able to keep the platter properly spinning steadily and in synch to produce clear audio.

This anti-gravitational record player currently has a ways to go to fulfill its Kickstarter campaign. That means you can still snag it for the early bird price of $780, over 40% off the expected retail.

If funded, it’ll be interesting to see if they can get this product off the ground by next August—rising to the challenge, as it were.