Just Try and Look Away From This Mesmerizing Floating Bonsai Plant


Air Bonsai magnetically levitating plant

Koshinchu, a small company in the south of Japan, has found an intriguing way to blend traditional gardening and technical innovation. Their Air Bonsai kit transforms your highly cultured plant from grounded and stationary to floating and rotating using magnets.

The basic version of the “energy base” is plain porcelain, but it’s also available in beautifully hand-crafted ceramic. The floating “little star” (which you transplant your bonsai into) can be a spherical moss sponge or (for $30 more) a specially sculpted piece of lava rock. In other words, much like the amazing little plants themselves, you get to choose the look and feel you’d like.

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With over a month to go, this Kickstarter project is already 4X funded. But you can grab one of the basic sets for $200 (before shipping) or upgrade either the floating part or base. If all goes well, in August you’ll have the perfect reason to shout: “Bonsai!”

Of course, for Version 2, we’d like to see if they can’t build a floating bluetooth speaker in there as well. Until then, we’re entralled either way.