Haul Fresh Beer Anywhere With This Portable Mini-Keg

Have booze, will travel.

ManCan portable mini-keg - main.jpg

It’s like a pressurized double-growler to go (Photo: ManCan)

Remember that time in your life when the best portable beer option you had were those foam cozies that slide over your can? Wait, that was last week? Well then this week will thrust you lightyears forward through the beverage universe: Meet the ManCan 128, a keg you can take anywhere.

As the name implies, it holds 128 ounces—that’s one gallon or two growlers. But unlike the growlers, this is pressurized. So your beer will not only keep cold for hours in this tough stainless steel vessel, but also stay fresh for a month—in case some sort of medical condition requires you to nurse it that long.

And it's right at home in your fridge too
And it’s right at home in your fridge too (Photo: ManCan)

Following a very successful Kickstarter campaign last June, now you can order one of these hardcore travel beer systems directly from their website. You just need to choose between two kits: Machismo (better for picnics and tailgating) and Flex (better for hiking and on-the-go). They each come with a special two-stage regulator, stainless steel travel cap, two CO2 cartridges and some cleaning tablets.

As the weather warms up, the killer accessory we’d very much like to see: A wire canister sleeve made to attach to a golf cart. Actually, make that two canisters. (Why share?)