This Fanny Pack for Dudes Will Charge Your Phone, Chill Your Beer, And Ensure That No Girl Will Ever Talk to You

Go full bro.

Haters be damned: the fanny pack is staging a big, fat comeback. First, ironic leather butt bags took Milan Fashion Week by storm and now, a fanny pack for dudes is gaging interest online.

The creators of “The Coolest Fanny,” or the “Manny Pack,” just put out a YouTube video to flaunt the possibilities of its prototype.

Made from carbon fiber and powered by electricity, the highly conspicuous pack will store your sunglasses, charge your shit via a USB port, blast your favorite House of Pain tracks from its built-in speaker system, and even chill your tall ones. 

As the brand behind the formidable fanny pack, Common Fibers, puts it, “Some would go as far as to say it’s a Party-in-a-Pouch!”

If any bros out there are interested, Common Fibers will launch a Kickstarter if at least 500 people sign a petition on its website.