A Man’s Computer Was Stolen, But Its New Owners Had No Idea The Computer Was Still Watching

Anti-Theft software for the win. 

Last year, a man in Austin, TX, had his computer stolen during South By Southwest. Since then, his laptop has been on a multi-state adventure, passing from owner to owner and crisscrossing the nation. Each of the new users were blissfully unaware that the original owner has installed anti-theft software—software that took a screenshot and photo every time a new owner connected to a new Wi-Fi signal.

Sharing the photos on his Facebook, the original owner wrote:

“so last southby my backpack got jacked – that sucked – but my anti-theft software has been on ever since. What it does is randomly take a screenshot and camshot when it connects to the internet so once in a blue moon I’ll get updates wherever the hell it ended up (austin, san fran, etc), and was surprised to hear from it again last night, where it is now helpin out some backpage hoe/pimp in Austin, L-O-L.”

The results are hilarious.

A man and woman offering services online: 

A woman passed out after a long day:

A man pursuing his musical dreams:

All photos courtesy of Facebook