Be a Rock God Anywhere You Go With This Super Portable Bluetooth Speaker From Marshall

Amp up the awesome.

Marshall Bluetooth Speaker
Image: Amazon

Manufacturers of portable Bluetooth speakers often make a point of designing their products to look as hi-tech as possible. But the wizards at Marshall Amplification went the total opposite direction in crafting their Stockwell travel speaker… and it looks freakin’ awesome.

Weighing at just over 2.5 pounds, the Marshall Stockwell looks just like a miniaturized version of one of the enormous amps you’d see Slash poised in front of as he rips a guitar solo. But it’s not just about the aesthetics—the device boasts 2.25″ woofers and two Class D amplifiers, making it the loudest speaker in its class. 

Image: Amazon

The fine details make it particularly cool. Retractable dials that adjust the volume, treble and bass look strikingly similar to the hardware you’d expect to find on a real Marshall amp.   

Aside from boisterous audio capability and nifty control knobs, it has all the features that you’d expect on any portable speaker. Bluetooth 4.0 technology allows you to answer incoming calls with the device itself when connected, and a 3.5 mm Input allows you to use an auxiliary jack if you want a line-in (and don’t have the iPhone 7). 

Image: Marshall

It’s almost as badass as the company’s authentically-styled Marshall beer fridge. 

The Stockwell travel speaker is available with a folding speaker casefrom the Marshall Headphones website and Amazon  for $229. For those about to rock… get it now! 

Image: Amazon

h/t: Hi Consumption