Maxim Social Casino: A New Audience

There’s no cash payout, but the rewards are most definitely worthwhile.

Maybe you play Candy Crush Saga. You wouldn’t be alone. In fact, it’s estimated that more than 2 billion users worldwide have their noses buried in screens playing a game that boggles the minds of many. What’s the allure? Who knows?

However, the $3 billion social casino industry—that is, games that doesn’t involve gambling, which is illegal in (most of) the United States—is thriving. And the newest entry isMaxim Casino, an app available on Android, Apple smartphones and tablets. It’s free to play, completely mobile, and while there’s no real money payout, the rewards are tantalizing.

“A lot of companies in the social casino industry focus on the gambling,” says Anton Gauffin, founder of Huuuge, which partnered with Maxim on the Maxim Casino app. “What we’ve created is a product that is the next generation of social casinos: We’re focusing on entertainment.”

So how does it work? First you download the app itself, either on your Android or iOS devices. You’ll be given 100,000 free credits as a welcome bonus, then you hit the slots, blackjack or video poker. If you run out, you’re given the option to purchase more credits or wait a couple hours for your billfold to replenish itself. And if you win? Here’s the reward: You’re taken to the Maxim Gallery, where a multitude of premium Maxim images of the most beautiful women in the world await you.

If this is the future, we’re most definitely on board. “There is nobody out there doing the same thing at this level, says Anton Gauffin. “This is the next generation, and it looks very good.”