Maxim’s Back To School Gift Guide

Summer’s over, Trapper Keeper’s are back in fashion and football has finally started. That can only mean one thing: detention’s back in session! If you’re one of those guy’s who actually goes to class, or if you’re a big-time college boy, here’s everything you need to get to get your learn on.

Playstation 3
You already know what this is, but in case you’ve lived under a rock under a hard place this is the spectacular new video system from Sony. It’ll play your favorite games, play your crystal clear Blu-Ray DVDs and cook you dinner. (The last one is not true.)$499

Logitech Video Game Controllers
So now that you have a PS3, it’s time to upgrade to a high-end controller. Whether your forte is a driving game, a first person shooter or good ol’ Madden, Logitech has something for you to grip while you rip it.$35

It’s always a good idea to take a time out from studying (multiple, eight-hour time outs) to lay the fragdown on your buddies and there’s no better way than Gamefly to get your hands on over 5,000 of the latest and greatest games for your PS3, PSP, 360, Wii, or DS. With shipping centers on both coasts, you’ll be getting enough games to make that D in philosophy not hurt so much.
gamefly.comMemberships start at $8.95 (special introductory price) for basic plans, $22.95 for premiere plans

Puma Lab II
Put some stylish kicks on your feet that won’t get you laughed at, stuck in a locker or ditched at the prom. This classic Puma sneaker can be worn at the gym, on the quad or wherever you’re trying to pick up girls.$70

Ogio Atlas Golf Bag
Borrowing your dad’s golf bag makes you look a lot like a guy who borrows his dad’s golf bag. Usually it’s old, frayed and is looks like it was designed in the 70s. So, even if you can’t get up and down in two, you can at least look like you’re playing in the 2000s.$179

Wilson Di7 Distance Irons
Hit your irons longer, straighter and longer again with these graphite-shafted clubs. We could tell you that they’re UST V2 Shaft uses the Wilson Wide Tip Technology, but we’re not smart enough to understand what that means. Just use them and don’t ask us why they work.$549

Mezlan Carmichael
Face it, sometimes you can’t get away with wearing sneakers, boxers and visor to every event you go to. So instead of wrapping McDonald’s bags around your feet the next time you get a wedding invitation, put these super-stylish calf leather dress shoes with memory cushion midsoles on your dogs.$199

Le Creuset Stainless Steel Set
Using 3-ply stainless steel, Le Creuset lives up to its reputation as the highest-quality cookware on the market. You may only know how to cook macaroni and cheese, but you’ll make these best mac and cheese in your dorm room. (PS: Add cut up hot dogs!)$400

Wine Enthusiast Swedish Wine Rack
We’re not saying stop drinking beer (we would never say that), but it’s nice to show the ladies in your life that your palate has matured beyond PBR in a can. A wine rack in your room screams sophistication. Even if your screaming “chug the sauvignon blanc!”$179

Victorinox Garment Mobilizer
Filled with more zippers and hidden compartments than Michael Jackson’s Thriller jacket, this piece of luggage can hold enough for a month-long journey, but it’s compact and light enough to use for a long weekend.$335

Creative X-Fi Aurvana Noise Cancelling Headphones
Reaserching your Women’s Studies test on Lesbianism in The Modern Lesbian can be difficult in a noisy place. Use these noise-canceling headphones to hear nothing but the soothing sounds of Melissa Etheridge. She’ll tell you everything you need to know.$300

Alienware Area-51 m9750
For the starting price of $2,099, you can’t get a better gaming laptop right now. We’re not sure how they made this monster so affordable, that everyone with a job can afford to be on the cutting edge of gaming technology. Pick one of these up and get your game on!
alienware.comStarts at $2,099

Dyson Slim
This futuristic piece of machinery will clean up anything on your floor while looking like the Jetson’s robot maid. Easy to empty and asthma friendly, this vacuum will actually make it fun to, well, suck.$469