Meet Gerber’s TSA-Approved Pocket Multi-Tool

We’re not sure if wire-cutters really belong on a plane, but this tool definitely belongs in our pockets.

The pocket multi-tool is a staple in every gear aficionado’s roster. From Swiss Army Knives and beyond, the convenience of having a full array of tools in a compact package can’t be beat. But what good does it do you if your gear can’t travel everywhere you do?

Gerber’s new Dime Travel solves this problem by going bladeless, while keeping all the essential functions you need in a TSA-approved tool. The interior houses spring-loaded pliers; if you use them frequently, this is a much needed upgrade over those that don’t have tension. Throw in wire cutters, a bottle opener, medium and small flat drivers, tweezers, scissors, and more for a beast of miniature proportions that packs a whopping 12 functions.

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Our personal favorite may be the zipper-pull, ideal for busted suitcases and backpacks on the road. Like all Gerber products, the Dime Travel features their famed lifetime warranty, making the $25 you’ll shell out for it seem inconsequential. It’s made from stainless steel and still looks like it could inflict some damage on more than just beer caps, so we’re a little surprised it’s plane-proof, but we’re definitely not complaining.

Photos by Gerber