America Just Unleashed a Giant Megabot To Fight Japan’s Baddest Robot

You’ve got to watch this awesome training video of the USA’s most badass battle bot.

The USA vs. Japan robot battle that’s been brewing for over a year now is definitely one huge step closer to reality. The team at MegaBots Inc. posted a video to their Youtube account Wednesday illustrating just how battle-hardened their 15-foot, 6-ton combat robot has become.

In the video you see their Mark II robot take punishment from a wrecking ball with a crash test dummy in the pilot’s cage. It handles many blows really well—and it will have to, as when it finally heads to Japan in a few months it will be facing exactly what you’d expect from the brilliance of Japanese robot builders: the slick and deadly-looking Kuratas.

Will the MegaBots machine be able to handle the power of Kuratas when the battle finally comes to a head? You’ll have to judge for yourself from the video. It looks like they’ve still got a little work to do, but they’re getting there.

Whatever the outcome, this battle of giants looks like it’s going to be fun—for everyone not inside the giant robot’s pilot cage facing a wrecking ball-powerful punch delivered with love from Japan.

h/t Brobible