This Megaphone Translator Blasts Messages in Four Lanugages

Got anything you’d like to shout in Japanese, Chinese, or Korean?

Ever since the early ’80s, you have—or more likely, your dad has—yearned for a Mr. Microphone that could help you pick up not just English-speaking chicks as you cruise around town hanging out of a convertible, but those who speak other languages as well. Now you’ll have your chance, because Panasonic’s coming out with the app-integrated Megaphoneyaku, which can instantly translate and broadcast messages to/from Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese.

Other than tawdry public solicitations, it apparently also has practical uses. Narita International Airport will be testing it with the upcoming 2020 Olympics in mind, when scads of out-of-towners will be flowing through various Tokyo venues. And it could come in real handy when used in emergencies, to communicate urgent messages and keep public order amidst natural disasters. But even during everyday airport operations, it’ll be a good device for broadcasting important flight information in small areas.

Check out this video to see it in action:

Photos by Mainichi Shimbun