This Massive Submersible Luxury Yacht Is Straight Out of a Bond Movie

Party like a Bond villain.

The Migaloo Private Submersible Yacht, conceptualized by Austrian design firm Motion: Code Blue, is the superyacht to end all superyachts. Clocking in at 377 feet long, the concept for the luxury cruiser features outlandishly awesome features like a two-story owner’s suite, eight VIP suites and a helipad.

Did we also mention that it’s a submarine? Because it’s a fucking submarine. 

The Migaloo can reportedly dive to depths of up to 787 feet, giving passengers stunning views of the undersea world we rarely get to experience. When they’re not ogling at whales, guests can always enjoy hatches that transform into beach terraces, a pool, a saloon, a beach club and spa, and, of course, a fully stocked bar.

Motion: Code Blue has been refining this concept for the past several years. “The boat’s designers at Motion Code: Blue say this is not a completely impractical design, claiming it’s based on current submarines that currently cruise the world — in fact, its dimensions are identical to the U.S. Navy’s latest Virginia-class attack submarines,” Mashable reported in 2013. “Even better for yachtsmen and women, all that room usually reserved for nuclear missiles and such is dedicated to pure pleasure and decadence.”

Despite years of work, there’s no price tag for the Migaloo just yet: HiConsumption estimates that this undersea bad boy will likely be out of your price range, since a “similar 377-foot class attack sub costs over $2.3 billion to build.” So if you want to live life like a Bond villain, you’d better start saving now.

Photos by Motion: Code Blue