Mike Green: Skate or Die

Washington Capitals defenseman Mike Green crashes the boards…skateboards, that is.

Wait a sec. Does your contract with the Capitals even allow you on a skateboard?

As long as I’m not dropping into half-pipes every day. It’s OK; I mean I do a lot worse things

than that, so…

But you’re more of a collector, right?

Yeah. I like to visit skate shops and buy the ones that look cool. I mount ‘em as wall art. I have about 50 total, and about 30-something boards hung up in the man- cave in my garage.

Tell us about this one.

A skate clerk here in D.C. is a big Caps fan, and he painted this portrait of me. We’re going to produce a whole bunch of them for charity.   

You’re not known as a fighter, but lately you’re really tearing it up out there. Are

we gonna see you fight more this year?

Yeah, absolutely.

What would be the most effective weapon: a skateboard, a hockey stick, or one of your skates?

Oh, shit, a hockey stick for sure. I’d be able to do some damage with that.

Where would you most like to skate in D.C.?

It would be cool to skate in the White House. Don’t be surprised if you read about me trying to get my skateboard in!

Watch Mike in HBO’s Road to the NHL Winter Classic Wednesdays at 10 p.m.; catch the game (Capitals at Penguins, Heinz Field) on New Year’s Day at 1 p.m. on NBC.