Wage The Ultimate Office War With This Infrared Mini Crossbow That Shoots Toothpicks

What could go wrong?
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The Ghost Hunter One from Uncommon Carry

The Ghost Hunter One from Uncommon Carry

Bored at work? Liven things up in your cubicle row with this hand-held mini crossbow that shoots toothpicks up to 45 feet. 

Yep, the folks at Uncommon Carry, a company that for some reason specializes in tiny toy crossbows, has unveiled its latest product: The Ghost Hunter One, which comes with a freaking infrared light to keep your toothpick firing game as accurate as possible. 

The handmade, stainless steel contraption can fire toothpicks 10 to 15 meters and is available for $80 here

Check out the video and the brand's other crossbows below, and try not to shoot any of your co-workers' eyes out.

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