Wage The Ultimate Office War With This Infrared Mini Crossbow That Shoots Toothpicks

What could go wrong?

ghost hunter mini crossbow

Bored at work? Liven things up in your cubicle row with this hand-held mini crossbow that shoots toothpicks up to 45 feet. 

Yep, the folks at Uncommon Carry, a company that for some reason specializes in tiny toy crossbows, has unveiled its latest product: The Ghost Hunter One, which comes with a freaking infrared light to keep your toothpick firing game as accurate as possible. 

The handmade, stainless steel contraption can fire toothpicks 10 to 15 meters and is available for $80 here

Check out the video and the brand’s other crossbows below, and try not to shoot any of your co-workers’ eyes out.